Connection Spotlight with Board Member, Jessica Stamper

Jessica Stamper, Open Up Board Member

Jessica Stamper, Open Up Board Member

In our ‘Connection Spotlight’ series - we ask members of the Open Up community what accessibility and inclusivity means to them…

Tell us a little bit about your community:

I am a friendly neighbor in Point Breeze, where people from all over the region come to enjoy Frick Park. I am also an Educational Consultant from the PaTTAN Autism Initiative; a collaborative effort to provide effective and evidence based practices for students with Autism across Pennsylvania.

What does accessibility in your community mean to you?:

Physical and social environments are accessible when they are arranged to support diverse populations; so all individuals can experience places and engage in services in a meaningful way.

How might inclusivity be amplified in your community?

Through communication with individuals, their families, educators, researchers, and other stakeholders; programs can become better informed about different abilities in a sensitive, realistic, and positive manner.