Connection Spotlight with Program Director, Megan Sicheri

Megan Sicheri, Program Director and Co-founder

Megan Sicheri, Program Director and Co-founder

In our ‘Connection Spotlight’ series - we ask members of the Open Up community what accessibility and inclusivity means to them…

Tell us a little bit about your community:

One of my communities is the health/wellness community.

What does accessibility in your community mean to you?:

Accessibility in wellness, to me, means that everyone has the right to health and wellness. Individuals with or without disabilities should have access to and feel comfortable taking part in activities to feed physical and emotional wellness. Exercise, nutrition, mental health, and community connection are all important pieces to consider when looking at the wellness of all people.

How might inclusivity be amplified in your community?

Inclusivity could be amplified by normalizing disability within wellness spaces. Activities and practices should consider that all can participate when certain adaptations are made. Movement and mindfulness may look different for each of us, but that doesn't mean that it's not just as important for every single one of us.