Connection Spotlight with Yoga Teacher, Nikki Orsborn

Nikki Orsborn, Open Up Yoga Teacher

Nikki Orsborn, Open Up Yoga Teacher

In our ‘Connection Spotlight’ series - we ask members of the Open Up community what accessibility and inclusivity means to them…

Tell us a little bit about your community:

I have three main communities, which include my neighborhood (Lawrenceville), the fitness classes I attend (at 1.1 Yoga and Arsenal Strength CrossFit), and the clients with whom I work (as a professional organizer and graphic designer).

What does accessibility in your community mean to you?:

Accessibility can be a great challenge. It means finding a new perspective and discovering ways to make things work for each of us. It's about getting creative!

How might inclusivity be amplified in your community?

When we thoughtfully observe the entire spectrum of participants, we can provide options that help meet the specific needs of each person. Inclusivity is amplified when our awareness is high.