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Pittsburgh Comedy Festival Workshop: Family Friendly Improv

This workshop is a basic introduction to improvisational theater drama games that you will be able to go home and play with your family. This workshop is an inclusive workshop that explicitly welcomes individuals with special needs. We will play large group circle exercises that incorporate imagination and movement. Individuals get an opportunity for self expression, but the spotlight is shared by the entire group. For example, in “Going to the City” each person in the circle gets a chance to say they are an item you would find in a city, such as a car, and then everyone in the circle pretends they are a car driving through the city. This workshop will also include a taste of dialogue improv exercises, where people work with partners to learn the basics of creating a two-person improvised scene.

Improv theater games are fun form of creative self expression, but they also help you learn how to listen more to others, and accept other people’s ideas, while adding ideas of your own into the mix. The results are often hilarious! What better way to bond and grow with your family than through laughter!

This worskhop is part of the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival and will be located at the Henry Heymann Theater.  Workshop is Pay What You Prefer:  Register with Pittsburgh Comedy Festival Here