Play imaginative and interactive theater games in a low-pressure environment and discover or reconnect with your creative side. We  can offer skill-building workshops, or ongoing sessions where participants get to participate in putting on entire stage productions! 

All of our theater experiences involve a little improv.  Improv is an art that values what you, as an individual, bring to the table. Improv theater games help you learn how to listen more to others, and accept other people’s ideas, while adding ideas of your own into the mix. The results are often hilarious!

Interactive improv theater games increase:

  • listening and interpersonal communication skills

  • flexible thinking ability

  • feelings of confidence and self-empowerment through creative self-expression


Youth, Teens, Adults, Families,  Social Groups

Games can be a fun way to get out of your head and enhance creative self expression!  Classes can be purely for fun or designed to boost a wide variety of skills.  Past classes have been designed to boost acting skills, social skills, and literacy skills .  Improv classes are especially beneficial to help people on the autism spectrum have increased opportunities for self expression and build conversational skills.  Open Up Pgh has workshops all the time!  Contact to see about registeringfor aclass or to request one near you! 

Improv at Your Workplace, School or Team Building Event

    Looking for a team-building or leadership training at your workplace? Open Up Pgh and several of its partnering organizations offer fun, and highly praised trainings tailored to your specific needs.  Past workshops have targeted skills such as : "Engaging Communcation" at the Sheradin Hotel team-building event and "Project Completion Under Pressure" at the 48 Hour Human Center Design event hosted by Maya Design. 

 Example of one of our family Open Up Classes at the Arcade Comedy Theater

Open Up Pgh is dedicated to helping you open up to the world around you through the joyful practices of yoga and through improv/social theater games.